Who are we?

The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association seeks to incite debate surrounding current defence, foreign, and security policy events. Every year we host conferences, seminars, give exciting lectures to Denmark’s high schools, and publish articles where current events are analysed and discussed. On our website, you can register your attendance for our events, download our publications, and keep up with which seminars and conferences we are arranging.



The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association wishes for freedom of action within Danish security and security policy, guaranteed by transatlantic collective security.

Furthermore, the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association aims to further increase public understanding and appreciation of the Danish membership of European and transatlantic security agreements.

The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association is intended to be the leading forum where engaging and exciting events surrounding Danish security policy can be held, and a forum where new ideas in relation to the Danish membership of NATO can take form, be presented, and discussed.



The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association’s purpose is two-fold:

Firstly, information must be disseminated to the Danish public as to what the implications of security politics are.

Secondly, the Danish public must be made aware of NATO’s purpose, its progress, and what the implications and consequences of its developments are for Danish security policy.


History and Organisation

The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association was established in 1950 following Denmark’s entry into NATO.

This new foreign policy direction gave rise to the need to inform the Danish public as to Denmark’s new role on the world stage and this resulted in the establishment of the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association.

As an independent public awareness organisation, the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association has endeavoured to inform the population as to security, defence, and foreign policy issues for more than 60 years and is a part of the international Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) network. This network consists of organisations in 37 countries, each with their own association. In addition, several countries, including Denmark, also have a youth organisation – Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) – primarily consisting of students who arrange events on their own regarding security and defence policy. YATA has its own website here